Feature suggestion - Sampler funtion for Sc5000


Thinking of a killer feature to add to the already fantastic SC5000. How about being able to configure 1 of the layers to act as a sampler? Use the cue pads to store and recall. You could then switch to the sampler layer and fire those samples ! :smile: Probably been suggested already, but worth a try. What are your thoughts ? :sunglasses:


Hi Nelly

Was thinking the same thing. But I plan on making and audio track with my most used samples and loading it to a redundant layer. Like you said then just switch layers to drop a sample in.


Hi Jayos,

Yes that’s exactly what I was going to do until Denon hopefully add the sampler feature.

I think we are in for many more surprises, Denon have always been leaders in innovation and quality. Just didn’t have the marketing stratedgy or funds to push their products until now, with Inmusic behind them.

And as long as they give a decent customer survice in the process, we will all be winners ! :sunglasses:

Can’t wait to see the Prime series in the flesh… Bring it on !


I like the idea of an onboard sampler. If a sampler will make it to the SC5000 I prefer to see it on the touchscreen.

  • 8 on-screen sample buttons (with sample names). The performance pads could match up the sample buttons when sampler is activated.
  • on-screen volume fader dedicated to all the samples
  • loading (and perhaps onboard editing) sample presets (Sample presets to be setup in Engine Prime)
  • edit button (to edit chosen sample file and button color on fly).
  • Record option in Engine Prime (or perhaps even onboard) to record a sample from a track


Well over a year later and still no sampler.

Shame :expressionless:


Maybe that is because a sampler would need RAM memory added, which can’t be added with firmware of course.

Maybe the almost unused SD card slot could be use with a blank SD card to be of use as that RAM memory for sampling’s.


If this cannot be done then it would be nice if Denon could release some hardware to add to the prime series to do so.

It’s not like the competition don’t have these options because they do …

Akai MPC integration is the way forward but for whatever reasons unknown it seems to be falling on deaf ears with Denon DJ despite the two companies being owned by InMusic.

The only other option right now would be to use the SC5000 in controller mode with Serato and use their sample option via connected computer.