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Ah, sorry, I see what you mean now so the play head jumps with the loop? Don’t remember mine ever doing that, always thought that you jumped the loop and then simply waited for it to catch up. I know that Serato does that, but I’ve only used it when it has come to the natural end of the loop so found the Denon version worked better for my needs as I don’t have to get my timing spot on.

I’m struggling to see why you’d skip a loop on mid-loop and not at the end of the phrase anyway (not saying that you shouldn’t), I hate it when music is too choppy and not smooth, though if that’s your style then there should be a way for it to happen.


That’s great!

Viva innovation down with copycat building


It does backwards, but (if that hasn’t been changed) not forward.

At least in Traktor, skipping happened in a smooth way and the loop always was moved “in phrase”.

Imagine you set a 16 beat loop at the end of a track (outro) and then suddenly recognize there’s like a small break or a crash in that loop that would be annoying when looped multiple times. I’d just move the loop forward and skip that part.

When properly done, it never sounds choppy :slight_smile:

Is that another try of selling a bug as “innovation”? You know that most features of the SC5000 have been heavily borrowed from DJ software? Why not just do that properly? It’s one of the main selling points of this deck that it acts like your favorite software :wink:


People need to get out of this mindset of “it don’t work da way I think it oughta work” as a bug. Likewise “I don’t like it” isn’t a bug either.

Different is good. If things that were different didn’t get put in front of others then nothing would ever change.

At many points in the past even DJ software has had to release a feature not knowing whether it’ll be adopted or ignored, liked or loathed, revered or rebuked, praised or plummets.

Different is good. Options are good too though, but if options aren’t provided that still doesn’t make it a bug or wrong or needing fixing.


It has to backwards, as it won’t naturally jump into the loop.

The difference for me though, with Serato anyway, if you have the 8 predefined loops on the SCs, if there was a set of cymbals then why not just set another loop section ahead of it on the loop triggers? If it happens live, then moving it on to the next section works anyway as when it hits the end of the phrase it will naturally move passed it, if it’s at the end of a 16 bar only, then drop it to 8.

First World problem to me that, easy enough to solve with some creative thinking, and like I said, the loop naturally waiting for me when I’ve flipped it on works much better for me so I’m happy enough with it.


Agreed :slight_smile: Denon did a great job breaking the rules of “traditional” media players - that’s what makes the SC5000s such innovative devices.

But not everything that’s different is good, too. Sometimes, there’s reasons why everybody sticks to a certain feature or workflow. Introducing a new, different workflow, such as the loop move, that only works as expected in one direction (backwards) makes zero sense. First, there’s no real benefit to such a workflow, second, it’s counter-intuitive to the target audience (that is DJs who grew up with software, hence the general feature set of the SC5000).

So, in other words:

Denon tries to sell those devices to (former) software DJs with most of the well known software features and workflow as a main selling point and then breaks some of that stuff. I call that a bug.

Good for you if you like that. I wouldn’t like to adjust my workflow because of that. Maybe Denon can add a setting in the utility menu for a classic and Denon DJ loop move behavior.


If you move the loop forward, the play position does not move with it (1.2.0). I also find this a rather odd behavior. Often I try to find the ‘right’ loop position in a track, so it disrupts my work flow.

Edit: Shifting the play position pointer works very well with beat jump. I would wish for the same behavior when shifting loops.


Is a great shout and should be reasonably easy to do in a firmware update I’d imagine.


Yes I know shift , but the play position does not jump forward you have to wait for the play position to catch up to the forwarded loop brace position/jump, yet it jumps back straight away to the nearest beat in the loop brace, but it does not in jumping forwards.


its not about jumping a loop in mid section of that loop brace although should not make a difference if that is what one wants too do, its about the space you jump in-between each loop brace, you may end up wanting to jump a few times, I could do this seamlessly in some dj software backwards and forwards as many jumps at a time and it always catches the next relevant beat . Although what I will say is unless you are a dj who likes to take chances on the fly then you would not need such loop behaviour I guess. for me as I cue up in headphones and run a mix in my phones if it working well I smoothly blend it in ( Its not about doing a choppy mix as you put it, although again another technique available, I utilize for the job at hand so what ever is needed to keep things exciting yet smooth overall, but certain genre like breakbeat and electro house and drum n bass or hard styles etc the chopping/cutting up/transforming etc. has more of a place)

anyhow for me its always been about the option of creativity other than just straight basic mixing, for me its about the mix within a mix I like to call it, the cueing up on the headphones is a mix waiting to happen when I feel confident, although in my perceptions most club type djs music wise should have practice session where they take chances to evolve such skills the more risk you take the more you can settle into what works for you. I have always worked this way even on vinyl back in the mid eighties on soul and funk and such. so now we have the sync capability this style comes into its own, more time to do such instead of worrying about timing. its the progression I have actually dreamt of since these early days believe it or not. I am very technical minded and love the flexibility to push a mix / remix on the fly etc.

Thanks for your questions Kevin, each to their own.


I am still missing the possibility to rate the Tracks on the fly with the stars-rating. During a set i find the track i love most and want to mark it . Then pleas show the rating-Stars in the Search-Browser

Another suggestion is still the Wish for a QWERTZ - Keyboard-Layout to be chosen in the Preferences


I undertand what you are saying about this, and maybe it is my workflow against yours, I set loops and cues to the same points and do exactly this, I hit a cue to take me to the relevant section and then drop into the pre-definied loops and turn the loop on. Yes it is a button more than in Serato, but I actually prefer this workflow as the moving loops to an advanced position is much better on the fly with the tech-house / prog I play. All the Old School I play I’ve hit that many times that everything is in place on the pads anyway.

I totally get it though if you play the type of music which finger drumming works for (don’t want to be disrespectful and call it EDM), it works well on 80s/90s house, but like I said, I’ve smashed that music so much over the 25 years I’ve been Doing I know exactly where I want those loops.


I think I want this feature more than any other Harry, it would make such a difference to practice sessions and the tracks in my library.


When in the green loops mode , I want to fix a different loop to every pad and then when I press to any pad then the playback of that chose loop starts immediate if even playback head was in is another part of the music track at then before.

Now all that plays if I press a lighted up pad is the loop shown on screen gets bright or gets faded as the loop it is made active or made inactive.

Please make this Happen and storable


I like the idea of using the second layer for loops, but not utilizing a third party, only a native sampler layer.


That’s the main option or one variation, but I also like to do a mix within a mix in my headphones and the flexibility to jump forward as well as backward is a great advantage as I drop in and out of a mix on times often mixing in the headphones ready to unleash what ever I deem as working well, so 8 cues and loops are great, but the flexibility in having all available options is better. I hope you get that Yeltsin and I appreciate your input.


Point 5! I think this would be really great. I’d like to see artwork where I’ve got it, but a massive amount of my music collection doesn’t have it so to then have the logo would be really cool.

From a coding point of view, I’m sure this is an easy “if [column where the artwork is] is null, then logo, else artwork”

This is a really simple fix that wold just make you go "oh that’s cool’


That would be nice. Also I would like the players to use the artwork in the directory if none is present in the track file. I always try to get the audio as *.aiff instead of *.wav to have artwork present.

But right now we’re mostly waiting for fixes :confused:


+1 on this feature request

When using the Players with Serato, if there is artwork on the files it’s displayed, if not you get a Serato logo

It will be nice if that can be used done for standalone as well

If you have artwork for the media file show that, if not default to user logo, if no user logo present default to engine logo.

Could be an option A. As it is now B. As described above.


I have startet a poll, where people can vote on the things they think are important or could be great “upgrades” to these lovely players.

Instead of a post with 459 messages in it where it can be difficult to locate every single idea.

If you would like your ideas on the Vote, please just PM me, and I´ll add it.