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Thought of this last night - it would be nice when you adjust the brake time if the centre display showed you what you were set at (like in seconds or something, or even just a number between 1 and 10) to make it easier to make sure you have both decks set to the same thing. Something similar to when adjusting the loop encoder.

In a dark environment I find it a little challenging to get both knobs to the same spot, and they are pretty sensitive.


Correct Sorting of the key field

Continuing the discussion from Sort by Key starts at 8A - why?:

I was really hoping to see 1 request being implemented with the latest update, however it didn’t happen although, in my opinion it is a simple request.

In 06-2017 I posted the request then in 01-2018 a similar request was posted, @Gee_DenonDJ did confirmed it was on the “request list”

As a refresher: the keyfield can be sorted, and can contain 4 diff key notation, many DJ’s are using the Camelot or the normal key flat/sharp notation. When mixing it is usefull if you can sort the field, and yes this can be done on the player and in Engine Prime the downside is that when you do sort it it is not sorting it correctly, it start with 8A to 12B then to 1B to 7A. Would be logical if it does start with 1A to 12B.

Only when displaying the “open key” then the sorting goes OK.

Another plus would be if the Camelot notation could be done with a leading “0” with the single digit camelot key’s 01A instead of 1A.

@paul_denondj can you confirm this is still on the request list, understand you can’t say it will be added to the next update nor you can say when this next update will happen.


I dont see how the use of a shift key is a massive inconvenience or extranous.

I would like to suggest something that builds on what was asked for above with “edit ratings on the fly”. Rating thousands and thousands of tracks into just five divideds of 1 star or 2 stars or 5 stars so on etc is quite coarse. if you have 10000 tracks you could pick a star count of sorting by and still have 2000 track to scroll through.

If we are going to have on-player setting of a rating, cant Engine Prime and Engine Prime hardware allow a rating of 01 to 99 but maybe we an option for converting the number back to easy stars in Engine Prime app is we every wanted to export to a different program that only coped with star rates.


Inconvenience is not the extra button, rather it’s jumping back instead to the beginning of the track after you’ve just painstakingly found the spot later you wanted to set for the cue.
How is 2X the number of buttons required compared to your competitors (either hold shift or tap pause first before hitting cue) not extraneous? Most important, I don’t think anyone is going to anticipate the need for shift if they hop on these cold. I know about it and it’s not a huge deal for my use, but why even do it this way and make it confusing to someone who’s never used these? Why give the shift button even more wear and tear?

Ditto with Loop In not setting the main/zero cue, for that matter. Even the old Denons did that, along with all Pioneers, and all Hanpins.

But maybe some people need all this behavior and they’re in significant numbers. Can’t say. Let’s find out…


Hey guys,

Not sure if this has been mentioned before, so I will give it a try.

I would really like to have a feature that would help me as a DJ to find matching tracks while playing even quicker. This would make my workflow as a DJ on the SC5000 much quicker and I could probably perform even better sets.

Let me explain: If I play a track on player A with 120 BPM / 5A, I‘d like to switch to player B and in the search hit a button „Similair Tracks“ that would show me track with 120 BPM (+/-3 BPM) and matching keys. This would save me the time to always adapt the search criteria manually to match the previous track.

As I mix in key most of the time Imthis feature could come in handy and seems like a rather easy to implement feature. It also helps if you switched between tempo ranges and just eases your workflow.

What do you guys think?

Best, Nicolas


I think this is (in part) already in preferences.

Check KEY filter and BPM filter.


I think what he wants is for the BPM and key information to be transmitted between the units rather than having to manually select the BPM and key under Filter on the deck you want to search for a track on. You know, like VDJ already does automatically.

I would also add that maybe a setting in utility/preferences for the pads in trigger mode to automatically trigger upon being set rather than requiring a second press.


Hey Reese,

Will check tomorrow but cannot recall such an option right now. Are you referring to the standard search? I might be missing something here!

I am thinking of a feature that shows me right on screen what is currently running on the other deck (Title, BPM, Key, …) and let’s me just update my search results based on what is playing on the other deck. Showing the track is optional to me, just a button within the search section that would let me match update my search criteria for similair tracks by BPM, Key right away would be awesome.

I currently have to do this manually all the time and it seems like a rather stupid task that could be automated… Meaning this has nothing to do with DJ skill, it is just time consuming.

Later on I could think of a full blown solution like i know it from somewhere else, where you can link matching tracks together in the software and then you can browse them later on the player (as suggestions). Having this integrated with Kado (www.getkado.com) would be a long term wish for me.


Memory points and hot cue banks!


Curious as to what information is even transmitted between the players over the ethernet cable right now. Sync-related info is. Doesn’t that include BPM? You would think key would also be easy to transmit. I notice in v1.2 that the track history on my big Lacie only shows up on the deck the drive is plugged into, so it doesn’t even seem like history or played tracks is shared over link, yet the host deck (for lack of better word) shows all the tracks played from the slaves. too.