Feature Requests - What would You like to see?



Yeah ! Denon DJ are really slow ! 8 months to make the future firmware update 1.04 for the SC5000 ! i read that Engine prime update & X1800/SC5000 are coming in june… but the forum are quiet with low interaction, it’s not a good thing in my opinion


It is getting ridiculous. But we are promised by Paul that june would be definitly awesome on the update side. And since it is almost mid june, i feel like cartman waiting for the new wii. Still much pleased with the hardware but the support on updates for basic reliability and fixes on the Library issues for example are way below expectations by now. Sad.


Agree - the players are fine, but the Engine Prime software is very buggy. It’s infuriating to use!

Surely smaller, more incremental updates could have been rolled out?


I’m curious. If you four think the SC5000 is fine as it is, why are you posting in this thread? Do you believe Denon spending resources improving the SC5000 firmware may be delaying improvements to the Engine Prime analysis software that your require?


So are you saying, I have to have a feature request to post in this thread? Fine here is my request. I request to have updates at a steady rate for the hardware and the software and since there seem to be a lack of updates and only promises. I now consider updates for the prime series as a feature.


I suppose they have to update both hardware firmware and engine prime software simultaneously especially if they add some new features to Engine Prime…SC5000 has to know how to translate those new extras.

  1. Can Denon please allow/enable/improve the Engine Prime software to use music stored on HFS formatted external hard drive. I don’t understand the limitation. I tried the recommended ExFat it’s just too slow on Mac and inefficient compared to a cloned HFS copy.

  2. Proper flexible dynamic beatgrid with keyboard shortcuts that makes sense. Hybrid of Serato + Rekordboxdj beatgrid editor will be a killer feature.


Idea: Toggle Cover Art

This is more for the desktop software than the players, but here it goes. Make it an option whether or not cover art is added to the EP database. This way someone like me, who uses a fixed logo on the centre screens, isn’t adding a lot of extra bulk to the database file for no reason.



Generally cover art should be stored in the tag of the file, so shouldn’t impact the database size at all.


Since you have already talked about creating a new crate on the fly by saving the prep list, I would like to add one feature:

it would be great if one could move tracks up and down in prep list. That way one could sort them after putting together a new “crate”. I would really love this feature as it is much easier this way then adding every track in the right order and starting all over if you want to swap out a song at the beginning! Maybe an extra field in front of the tracks only seen in the prep list which allows you to move the tracks by holding down the field and going up/down with your finger.


I thought that too, but I remember reading somewhere around here that cover art had an impact on the database size. Hopefully just something I misread or misunderstood!


Instead of the Momentary/Trigger setting for the Hot Cues in the settings, perhaps have two modes for the hot cue button.


Any ideas how to implement that on-the-fly? The shift+hot cue appropriately deletes it. If you can think of a good way to do it, the setting for it could simply flip-flop the default.


Bluetooth (=RF) is already onboard, so the hardware already exists. In principle any Bluetooth remote (even a $3,50 selfie-keychain) could be used as a remote control for these players.


Shift+performance pad deletes the hot cue. I’m talking about the Hot Cue button itself. It could flip flop the default, similar to how the Loop button has two modes.


Yeah I know shift+pad deletes. I’m asking how you’d flip flop on-the-fly after switching the default in settings. That’s why I asked. How is the loop mode switched between the two modes without going into the settings? Isn’t there an alternate mode for the slicer, too? Is that done with the arrow keys to the right?


I am kinda disappoited now playlists are sortable wich is great, the preparation (play)list still isnt. So what i would like is a sort able preparation list and a second preparation list to sort things out during my sets.




First of all - thanks for the update - its awesome. :slight_smile:

But I still need som basic improvements to the players:

Adjust the beatgrid (stretch/ unstretch like on the Mcx8000) - Critical that this gets fixed ASAP.

BPM Tap function (If the above is fixed, strike this)

Possible to rate on the tracks infoscreen on-the-fly

Bonus would be:

Pitch Play/ Tone Play :pray: (I recommend it this way: Choose the cue point you want, then press The Hot Cue Button which then activated that particular cue ind Pitch Play / Tone Play-mode)

CueScratch like on Pioneer.

Improvements to Engine that would be appreciated:

Drag & Drop folders from iTunes

Automatic update of excisting folders on drive so new tracks added to folders on mac/ pc automatic gets transfered and updated.

Optional if Engine Prime should update artwork or not.


Did anyone give me a reason on here, other than Denon has always done it that way, that you should be paused to set the main/zero cue rather than just with your hand on the platter or that In shouldn’t set the main/zero cue if that cue hasn’t already been set? I realize we have shift+cue that will force a new main/zero cue; just seems rather extraneous. I am thrilled that Out now will use the main/zero cue as the in point if the latter has not already been set.


I would like to have -effect: flanger, echo, filter : same as DN6000 -Auto mix when you play in continue mode -The possibilitie to edit the number of star ou add note on a title


Regarding the possibility “edit rating on-the-fly” - I would also love to be able to sort by rating. It became part of my workflow in the past and I really miss it with SC5000.