Feature Request: Select Multiple Playlists/Crates at once


I use a hugely intricate organizational method utilizing folders and sub folders. It would be great to select multipe crates/playlist, so they can all be dragged and dropped at once.


this is the thing what i missed since first use with engine prime:

My request for Engine Prime: I want a Playlist / Crates or Library use, like i make a playlist on the OLD DJ Music Manager: "On the Left Screen on lower Corner You See the Playlist, on the right Screen you have the whole Crates/Library list.

So you can see for EVERY time your Playlist and on the right you choose your Tracks with drag n drop to the left…

I hate to switch every time around between Library section and your Playlist… this is uncomfortable, i wanna see wich tracks i have into the PL and the option to prelisten and sort them in once, without to switch between Tabs or Screens…

why do not make it like on the oldskool Music Manager? really loved them and miss is a lot …

thanks and hope for a answer from Denon :slight_smile: