Engine Prime Features Suggestion


1- We Need Click (Metronome) 2- Option For Remove Duplicates From Collection And PlayList 3- Coment 2 (Similar Traktor) 4- Export Playlist Option Thanks


I use Denon software and hardware… oriented in standalone mode …since the first release of standalone unit Controller the Denon dn-hd 2500 …Denon Music Manager was and still is a great software.
A good software for preparing and building crates playlists and etc must never lose the feature of exporting the playlist or crate or music library So please give that feature to engine prime as well because that is the most important feature for any DJ


Did you mean a way of exporting Playlists, Crates or entire library from Engine Prime, in a CSV or TXT format ? eg: For making a list in a spreadsheet or word processing document etc.

  1. Sorting columns to display bitrate. This will be essential especially to delete lower bitrate when one is trimming library fat.

  2. Show doubles and also perhaps an additional option that extra files are checked for deleting in one swoop. Also very handy feature to trim library fat.

  3. Ability to edit multiple tags at once. Select multiple file, and edit multiple tags.

  4. Flexible beat grid.

  5. Negative beat grid numbering. - 4, - 3 - 2, - 1, 1, 2, 3, 4 etc

  6. I’m not sure there is autogain analysis option. Will be nice to have this too.

  7. Prevent tracks in main usb collection from getting exported/added from Laptop source again if the primary location is unchanged. But can be added to playlist crate from the external drive collection.eg if a song is in multiple crates.

Feel free to add other features you will like to see.


Yes, I am talking about exporting and / or moving playlist, crates etc. including ALL the tracks in the playlist. E.g. moving a playlist from USB stick to another USB stick directly - and not to have to move it first to engine target and then to the second USB stick. I mean a feature to be able to export a playlist and then import the playlist to any media e.g. hard disc, USB stick etc. If you remember in the old versions of Denon music management software - e.g denon music manager for DN-HD2500 by right click on a playlist name - there was an option for moving the whole playlist with all the tracks in it - to another USB source (transport to device). Another smart feature for denon music manager for DN-HD2500 was that you could back up the whole library of an HD or USB with 1 click and restore this back up to a new USB or HD with ONLY one click again. This feature won’t be necessary if the new software is compatible with all the older versions of managment software. Otherwise all the playlists, crates etc have to be done from scratch again! I DON’T WANT to use Itunes as playlist library, because I don’t want to occupy my PC storage. And I think many other DJ’s have the same way of working as me. I hope you understand - I think I was clear now what I would like to have as features.


Have you tried Fakin’ the Funk? Might be a good solution for you.


Hola por favor necesito ayuda, instalé engine prime pero ahora no encuentro mi biblioteca de engine 1.5 en la cual tenía todas mis listas de música, necesito recuperarlas. Alguien sabe como? Soy nuevo en foro así que espero vuestra ayuda. Gracias

Hello please I need help, I installed engine prime but now I can not find my engine 1.5 library in which I had all my music lists, I need to recover them. Does anyone know how? I’m new to the forum so I’m waiting for your help. Thank you

  1. Improved flexible beat grid option. Currently when I lay a beat marker further into a song it can be placed at a wrong spot, it will be nice to be able to move that specific grid to the desired position without affecting the grid of the entire song.

  2. It will also be nice to have alternate colour option for the waveform especially when beat gridding. Some times the greens are not super specific for the downbeat. This is quite noticeable with busy tracks e.g. music with vocals. With techno and house with sparse vocals it’s not a problem.

  3. Hopefully some of these suggestions make it into the next Engine Prime update.

My first mobile gig a wedding is in a few weeks, I plan to bring out the 5ks (Controller mode + Serato)


Some workflow improvement ideas:

  1. Single right-click to set a Hot Cue and bring up the edit box (currently left-click, then right-click)
  2. Separate search boxes - one for searching the whole collection and one for searching the currently displayed crate/playlist.
  3. Beatgrid snap to track start - so many tracks have the beatgrid starting a several seconds after the beginning of the track.
  4. Collection sync between main collection and USB collection.

In-track BPM changes