Engine analyses wrong BPM


Hi, I’m using Engine 1.5 to prepare my tracks for my usb Flash drive and to use it with my MXC8000, but many tracks are showing the wrong BPM, for example:

128.0 is shown as 128.1 138.0 is shown as 138.4 124.0 is shown as 124.6 and so on.

It varies from track to track, some tracks do actually have the right bpm. It is quite annoying because looping etc. doesn’t work with the wrong BPM. Any suggestions? Thanks!


Not acceptable but is not that bad. How about when you prepare trap music that is 70bpm and Engine reads it at 140. You go straight to the IDTag and fix it back to 70bpm but then Engine changes it back to 140.

There is no bpm range detection settings. Engine suppose to be a quick prep tool for usb, but to me it looks like a unfinished software.

To many, but to many unfinished or bugs on software and firmware.