Engine 1.5.2 / Windows7


so frustrating… crashes, freezes . no chance for using more than a few minutes without trouble. setup: notebook win7(64) 2 x SC3900 lan-wired

is an update (only bugfixey!!! no further gimmicks!) planed?

hopefull regards RG


Don’t put music on the netbook, use usb stick plugged into players. Engine is designed to be used (when linked with players) as a display, not as a poor man’s DJ software in HID mode.


i totally agree about “no dj software”

but if you use an usb-stick in one of the players engine will not display BPM etc. an YES , on the stick is a target database. hint?



Is Engine 1.5.2 working on windows 7 ? On the box of the MCX8000 and website there is written that engine is working with windows 8.1 and 10, so not with 7 …

What’s the difference ? Is it working ? Anybody that can give me support please ?

Engine is only used to prepare an usb stick with music for example or do you use it like serato ?

Kind regards !!!


Have you tried setting the filters in Engine? I can see on videos on YouTube they have this view: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gINt6CxEf9A


seems to me that in the YT-vid not the target-database is in use?


Can anybody confirm Engine runs on Windows 7?

  • and if not that is my criteria to buy a Denon Controller or not - as im not intersted in putting Windows 10.


Why do you think they don’t use Engine prepped usb stick in the video? When I look at the video from 11:00 he scrolls through his playlists.


I’m running engine on windows 8.1 and I have crashes all the time, too. I don’t see a reason why I should put the files on a usb drive. Searching for tracks on the PC so much better than using the tiny screen of the sc3900. Plus I haven’t even got to prepare a drive since engine crashes every few minutes analysing the files.

What I don’t understand is that there was a time when engine worked just fine. It was a few years ago when version 1.5 wasn’t released. It sure was not the best software, but al least it worked. I then upgraded to 1.5. still no problems. Now after taking a break from djing and reinstalling windows on my PC it’s all broken.


You do know you can put files on usb stick on players AND use Engine on laptop & ipad for browsing & loading those files instead of the tiny player screens?


I’ll try it out, but it still means that I need 2 weeks to analyse all my files and it’s nor clear weather engine will crash less this way


I run Engine on a Windows 7 PC (64bit) and it works… like the rest sometimes it freezes (whenI work fast importing songs or so) but when I wait it always works again.