Does 2.0 Firmware fix the screen freezing


Its an interesting point and may be helpful for others to try before sending in for service. Did you use the same computer and same test environment?


Yes, same PC, same location in my basement studio. It ran 100% perfect with 2.0 but not 2.04.


I had the same issue past sunday with the same Serato version! And it’s not just the screen, but the entire deck is not functionnal. I closed Serato, restarted it and everything we’re back normally. It’s surely a software problem. I never had this issue with Serato 2.0. I will revert back to this version.


Something to take note of: When using the 8000 with SDJ & other software that makes use of midi controllers. Sometimes the other software (eg: lighting software) can actually hi-jack the 8000’s midi functionality.

  • especially the screens!! I have had this happen a couple of times where the 8000 is working perfectly with SDJ… until I start my lighting software. Then the displays either go into demo mode / freeze up. I believe the software is probably sending a sys-ex command that the 8000’s display react to. I have to start-up the lighting software first, then disable the 8000’s displays in the software settings, then start SDJ. Then it seems to work ok. Just a tip for anyone experiencing weird issues while using other software alongside SDJ.