Denon Mcx8000 Traktor Map


Its Thanks a lot


Hello @OficialDjCacho, can you please send me the new V10 mapping update to



Hi @OficialDjCacho, great work on your map. I had a volum problem from the master during use, it happened a few times … I’m under win8 64, limiter off, no autogain. Possible? I solved by restarting Traktor after stand alone. :wink:


Hi Friends!!! I send tsi mapping for mail.


It has never happened to me. After restarting Traktor has happened again?


It happened in two distinct and very long sessions, after hours of use. When Traktor reboots, the soft is back to normal. I solved it quickly by going through the standalone mode. At the beginning I was afraid of a problem with the sound card.


Hello @OficialDjCacho, could you pass me the .tsi of the MCX8000? Mail:


please, me too! (not going to post lyn email here. please PM me )


hi guys, I ask you a favor! if you want now traktor and in beta test and you can make a request, in the native instrument beta forum. if we all ask to integrate our mcx 8000 maybe we will be listened to. there is a section for dedicated requests. we share many thanks.


Hi DjCacho, could you send me the last tsi fot the MCX8000 please?


I have detected that some of the e’mails that I have sent have not arrived correctly. The one that is interested in the mapping that asks me for private and I will send the link