Deck 1 Freezes in PC mode


So I just switched to MacOS so fresh install of serato and engine I use the PC primarily. After a minute or so of playing music my left screen freezes however I can still control what songs are being played on channels 1 & 3 since I am using my laptop. The right screen has zero issues with channels 2 & 4. So I tried researching this issue an came up with the Denon freezing issue page off the website. I replaced the cables, then reset to factory an then upgraded the firmware again. I am still having issues. Today for the first time the entire deck 1 froze where I could not use any of the controls. Here is the settings that I have listed:

Engine version 0164 MCU version 2065

Display Version Left 5170 Right 5170 FTP server OFF Syslog server

MIDI trans interval 4msec touch sensitivity 0 on both

If someone can guide me to a solution that would be greatly appreciated

Also the same stuff happens in standalone mode however I prefer using this in PC mode


One of the solutions mentioned here is setting screen brightness to 90%.


it dosent work with the brightness to 90%