Convince me to switch!


I never said a word … I might have whistled innocently a bit though


after 5 years spent with mc6000 and traktor, I recently switched to a mcx8000 and serato. Obviously the RX was one of the competitor I’ve been considering, but let’s face the fact that the 8000 'is a 4ch multipourpose unit, with strong built quality. The standalone mode is nice for a “emergency solution”. I think there’s no better choice unless you spend much more money



I’m in the same boat. I have a DDJ-SX2 and whilst it’s a great Serato controller, let’s face it, with all the recent developments Serarto’s time is numbered. So I was looking to move to a standalone unit. Have the freedom to do what you USED to do with Serato but standalone is a massive plus. And here is where the problems start…

I was almost totally sold on the 8000, but all I keep reading about is it’s a great Serato controller with a basic standalone as a backup. Then there is the Engine software. The Prime update might fix some of the reported issues sure… but can the 8000 handle what Prime is capable of? I’m guessing not. So, my quandary is, do I buy an 8000 hoping that the Prime update will be a great piece of software to complement it? Do I wait for an 8000 mk2? Do I buy another Pioneer controller with Rekordbox right now?



Personally I feel the MCX8000 is great for not too complicated standalone use, with Engine 1.5 being it’s biggest minus. If the software can be made stable, offers the features of the PC side of Engine Prime with the option to use whatever is possible on the 8000 hardware, that would definitely add to the standalone capabilities.

There will always be things that DJ software offers that will not reach the 8000 in standalone mode, some for obvious reasons, like parallel beat-grids (hard to do with only two screens LOL). Other things like browsing massive collections, big FX packs and such will stay out of reach.

You’d have to ask yourself, with Engine Prime working well and - eventually- matching those nice things in RekordBox that it is missing now, with stable working platform and 8000 export, hopefully some options to (firmware?) change some FX out so you can pick your personal three favorites out of a bigger pool, what would you really miss? If you always prep properly for gigs, i.e. having only the tracks you need for that gig with you, in playlists and crates and properly prepped, with 3 FX per deck, performance pads, useful screen info, you’d get through most gigs with still more functionality than on a set of NX(2) decks.

If you want it ALL, you probably should be looking at getting yourself a full Prime setup.

Just my two cents as usual


Im in the market to get a controller and was looking at the 8000 i cant afford the sc 5000 players but if denon is going to have its own music managememt and dj software it needs to work on all its players just like rekordbox does for pioneer denon is pushing the prime gear hard and its great equipment but the prime software needs to work on their flagship controller the mcx 8000 as well that ti me just makes the most since if they dont do it in my opinion its not worth buying from what i have heard they have a bunch of stuff coming but have not seen anything released since the release of the prime series titan up denon


aha…Pionerr would never step in and correct anyone on that but several Pioneer models through the last decade haven’t been given Rekordbox support - but pioneer will never correct anyone saying "All’ of course - but lets remember the terrable DMP555 and the rackable MEP7000, which both took usb media files, but Rekordbox has passed them by.

The other way of looking at things is that pioneer haven’t brought out anything particularly clever or inspiring for the last 5+ years or improved on some of the limitations like 10,000 tracks per deck on some of the single decks, and 20,000 tracks per deck on some of their double decks.

It could be that some the lack of clever and inspiring features which Prime has shown DJs CANbe done, hasn’t been done on pioneer because Rekordbox (which is what about a decade old) could be holding things back - a bit like a team walking from A to B can only go as fast as it’s slowest member.

Coming back to the MCX8000 - it’s a beast! I’ve been using one for two years almost and it’s good in it’s hardware. old Engine 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 etc all needed some files from Windows to work, but windows 10 no longer comes with those files, so it doesn’t work on newer computers anymore. So, Denon have said that a future version of Engine Prime will work with mcx8000 , even though the MCX8000 isn’t Prime.

Like most gear, the Denons sound better than the pioneer and thats the same with the MCX8000 compared to the Pioneer all in ones.

Microphone channels are a thing which pioneer seems to add to its controllers a few minites before it leaves the factory. on the sx2 as a case in point, you have to switch off one or two of the music channels over to mic use to have ANY mic working - thats dumb. someone I know had the sx2, had his laptop on Chanel 2 and 3 and his standby cd deck double on channels 1 and 4 -his laptop went wrong during the gig so he had to DJ on channels 1 and 4 (which are the only two mic channels), so he could talk, or play music, but not both. that’s rubbish . He’s now dumped the SX2 and bought an MC7000 as he doesn’t want the stand alone features.


Ok you make a good point so what does someone do when they purchase a new pc now they all have windows 10 on them like the pc i have runs 10 its less than a yr old your telling me that the mcx 8000 wouldnt work


I have Windows 10 running Engine 1.5.


I have a windows 10 computer will all updates linstalled and i don’t have any issue. Who told you mcx800 was not working on win 10 ? What should not work. I can test and confirm you.