Channel 2 Stuck on Thru Mode


After about 2 years channel 2 is now stuck on Thru mode in Serato on my MC6000MK2. The Channel switch is set to PC and I can load tracks and even hit play and see the wave form playing, but the deck is stuck to Thru and I can’t get any sound out of it. I can change it from Internal to Absolute to Relative on the deck but it stays on thru no matter what I do and no sound will come out of the channel.

When I plug another audio source into channel 2 I can hear it regardless on both Channel 2 setting and on PC, so I know something is wrong with the switch on this channel, but I don’t know where to begin diagnosing it. I would understand if the sound played on both, and I also couldn’t load a track, but when it’s set to PC I can clearly load tracks on the channel even though I can’t get it out of through mode.

Any idea where I begin to troubleshoot this?


Hi, did you solved this issues? Since today I have the same Problem… Regards Alster-DJ