Channel 2 Stuck on Thru Mode


After about 2 years channel 2 is now stuck on Thru mode in Serato on my MC6000MK2. The Channel switch is set to PC and I can load tracks and even hit play and see the wave form playing, but the deck is stuck to Thru and I can’t get any sound out of it. I can change it from Internal to Absolute to Relative on the deck but it stays on thru no matter what I do and no sound will come out of the channel.

When I plug another audio source into channel 2 I can hear it regardless on both Channel 2 setting and on PC, so I know something is wrong with the switch on this channel, but I don’t know where to begin diagnosing it. I would understand if the sound played on both, and I also couldn’t load a track, but when it’s set to PC I can clearly load tracks on the channel even though I can’t get it out of through mode.

Any idea where I begin to troubleshoot this?


Hi, did you solved this issues? Since today I have the same Problem… Regards Alster-DJ


I own 6 of the MC6000MK2’s and this just happened to two of these within the past 2 weeks… Anyone know whats going on? I downloaded the new firmware thinking that it might be a needed update with no help… I was getting ready to send one off to a repair shop when the second unit went down… Cory


The official response I got back from Denon was to send mine out for repair. I talked to a tech in LA (I live in San Diego) and he said he’s not heard of this happening, but assumes it’s just a dead toggle switch. I need to send my controller up to his shop and have them diagnose it, but haven’t had the time right now to do that.

He also told me Denon no longer sends out small parts for replacement only entire boards. I know the labor will be a decent amount just to take it apart and diagnose it due to how Denon designed this controller and even if it’s like a $20 part that needs replacing it will likely cost me more to have it replaced as the tech will have to buy some generic “lot” or larger set of parts instead of just the broken part.

I’ll be sure to update this thread if/when I send out the controller. Half tempted to cut my loses and buy a new one on sale instead of spending money to ship it to and from San Diego to LA, pay for a diagnostic at a minimum to find out the parts could cost up to $200 or more with labor.


Yes, dead toggle switch. I heard of several cases of that problem on mk2 model (mk1 has notoriously bad tact microswitches for example). Cheap part, if you make an effort you can find out what compatible part you can order from ebay, often from hi-quality manufacturers like Alps.