cannot update firmware, device not connected ?


Hello all,

Just had my piece turn up and must say, coming from an old school background, getting this thing fully functional is becoming a pain.

Drivers are installed(seen in device manager), but the DENON updater doesn’t see the device and I cannot update firmware 1.003 (I’m unsure of the current installed firmware). Also, nothing happens when I press BACK+FWD+SHIFT buttons on the MC6000 MKII. So what gives ?

Currently testing Traktor mappings which never seem to work, waiting on my Serato voucher to test how that will turn out. I’m on Windows 10 64bit if It makes a shred of difference.



Hey @Photik, have you had any luck with resolving this issue?


Hi Lewis,

Unfortunately not. You are the first person to get in contact, either forum or staff. No full Serato has be sent over either to further test this. Its being shipped back later this afternoon, maybe a sign to continue composing in the studio and get something else.

But, thanks for being that only person to respond.


Just to check, you need to do the button combo whilst powering on the unit with the switch at the back …