Beat Gridding on Engine Prime...Help/Clarification needed


I have quite a lot of songs that the bpm is off.

It’s the same with every DJ software they don’t all get it right.

My usual method with Serato DJ and Rekordboxdj is to set place a beat marker on the down beat and then expand the beat grid or contract it. This method will change the BPM to the correct value.

I’m not trying to grid tracks with fluctuating bpm.

When I click the Set Beat Marker sign in Engine Prime the rest of the controls grey out including the BPM.

As I can’t see a icon to contract or expand the “beat grid spacing” i tried using the +/- sign under the BPM display but it increases/decreases in .001 value.

I tried holding shift to see if it will change in whole numbers that didn’t work either.

Am I missing something?


Not sure it is the correct method, but I go through manually adding beat markers when the start to drift out; some tracks need them every 3 bars, some only mid-way and at the end of the track. It does cause fluctuations in th BPM as the track moves through, so no good in sync mode.