App to hookup phone as external device for player?


Is there possibly an app being created so we can hook our phone up via USB to the deck and play tracks from it using it as an external HD?

this comes in handy if you get a request you may not have, you can grab it from iTunes, import to Denon app and play on player.

Just a suggestion if not implemented somehow already


Yeah, this would be great. +1


If this happens, just don’t let the public find out about it. Last thing we want is less plausible excuses to play horrible requests! :smile:


they know, its been on the 2000’s for like 8 years now, LOL


I can see it now—everyone throwing iPhones and lighting cables at the DJ during his/her set. :joy:


not any worse then what they do now by sticking their phone in ur face and asking to play a track off of it being they know we can plug there phone into an audio in, plus they would need the Engine app which I’m sure they all have on their phone :slight_smile: its a convenience for us if we needed to grab a track quick during a gig. just tell the people no if they ask, no one is throwing lightning cables if denon adds the feature , lol


No doubt everyone if not mostly all will like it, bring it on!

With Regards, Hedra Korzi


Although your post is a year later, it’s already possible with an X1800 mixer to play via USB from your phone/pad. Just not yet with an SC to control it.