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Rekordbuddy will convert traktor to Serato and Engine will read Serato.


Are ther chances to see Engine prime for mcx8000 users? Or at least Key analisys in Engine 1.6?


The internal platforms of the MCX and the Prime are significantly different in term of shear processing power, so it can’t be the case that an MCX could utilise all the Prime features offered by Engine Prime… not even with firmware upgrades. A Porsche can’t fly, no matter how much you tune the engine.

After the full version of Engine Prime comes out for the Prime series is released, there’ll be a version of Engine Prime which will offer some of the Engine Prime software features on pc/Mac for MCX8000.


That’s Denon’s official reply or just your thought? Would be awesome if a sort of Prime Engine (not an Engine 1.6) would work with MCX8000

What you think about this article?


Yes, that official statement was great news for MCX8000 and still stands and not indifferent from my post above.


so and so (I’m Italian and I can be wrong understanding the meaning)

Your statement is: for MCX8000 there’ll be a version of “Engine Prime” which will offer some of the Engine Prime software features. The official statement say that “Engine” will be upgraded, with some feature of Engine Prime.

The two sentence are similar but different (I’m Italian and I can be wrong) because the second say Engine (Engine 1.5 I suppose or an update 1.6), instead your’s “Engine Prime” (some less complete version than the real “Engine Prime” but a different program to “Engine 1.5” or 1.6)… that would be greath!

Thank you for your time! I appreciate.


Not less complete, no.

Imagine a version of Engine Prime (a version 1.1 maybe) which is able to let you use the same workflow as Engine Prime for Prime units, BUT is also able to save the results in a format which is suitable for MCX8000.

Obviously the 8000 is quarter of the price of a 2 deck / 2 screen / 1 mixer Prime setup so it stands to reason that a non-Prime unit won’t be able to offer all the functionality of a Prime unit. For example: Engine Prime on a PC will let you name/label loops and hot cues as well as choosing which color they appear as on a Prime model screen. For the 8000 scrolling text at loop/cue points is an overhead which might not be practical so that loop/cue point may only show on the 8000 screen in the appropriate color, even though on Engine Prime on PC, the user typed in a name for that point.


Thanks a lot! I wasn’t hoping that all the functionality of a Prime unit will become usable on an MCX8000 (I’m not insane) but Engine Prime that save the result (export?) in a format suitable for MCX8000 is wonderful.

Some info on the expected release date of this version of Engine Prime?


Download date will most probably co-incide with the stock hitting the dealers, DJ stores, DJ shops etc, which is very soon.


Did he just say “VERY” soon???




Great news.

It’s all we need, an ENGINE version compatible with our Controller and for the Prime Series too. If one day i upgrade my DJ setup with one or 2 SC5ks, i don’t need to redo all my library.



Yes… but bare in mind that last night I was watching Jurassic World which is about stuff from 65 Million years ago, my relational chronological stance may be “off”


Holdon a sec SlayForMoney: I think DJ_Boothe write as official Denon Admin. Am I wrong? If it’s true I think that he write only true fact and not suppositions.

DJ_Boothe sentence are: “Imagine a version of Engine Prime (a version 1.1 maybe) which is able to let you use the same workflow as Engine Prime for Prime units, BUT is also able to save the results in a format which is suitable for MCX8000.”

So I think MCX8000 will get Engin Prime and not a updated Engine 1.5/1.6. This point is crucial for MCX8000 users.

I would like to see an official sentence on this topic.


Well, that would be fantastic. I dearly hope this is going to happen!!!


It’s already been covered. Rather than an Engine 1.6 to replace Engine 1.5, upcoming version of Engine Prime (primarily for the 5000) should allow some kind of option of saving a database in an MCX8000 format.

When mcx8000 can download that version of Engine Prime, they won’t need to use Engine 1.5 any more.


Great news! I was hoping for this in the beginning of E prime news and gave up hoping after being told it was simply impossible. Doesn’t matter - Good news!!! :slight_smile:


A bit like RekordBox allows you to save to CDJ or XDJ-RX format then?


Indeed it is great news as long as no-one thinks that the MCX version of Engine Prime, or any amount of firmware enhancements to the MCX will make the 8000 an SC5000 Prime.

Across the entire world, the entire scope of DJ equipment manufacturers, each of their product line ups, there is nothing like a Prime. (I feel a song comin’ on… “There is nothin’ like a Prime, nothin’ in the world…there is nothin’ you can find that is anything like a Prime …”


I just personally want to maximize what the 8000 CAN do. The issue I think a lot of people are having and maybe myself a bit too, is that the unit seems fairly capable of handling some tasks that aren’t implemented yet and its buggy as well. I personally am having an issue with the stop time knobs affecting all channels instead of just 2 and 4 or 1 and 3. but beyond all of that, the unit has all of the necessary components and processing power to do more than what it currently is.


+1 on a better Engine. Stable, quick, few more features -anything the MCX8000 hardware can support- is all we really need/want.

But this is no secret nor something new. Current Engine just has too much history, too many patches made to get to 1.5 without any core changes. Even if it could just do the same, but based on a more modern (64-bit) core, leading to more stability and speed (like multi-core support) that would already be a major step up.

Oh, the suspense!