Alternate Download link for Engine Prime Version 1.2


Hello guys, i am having issues downloading 1.2 ver of engine prime. i get the error “forbidden” with any laptop or device i try on. can someone please email me a .dmg file for it on .

kind regards, Ankeet Modi


It’s working for me on mobile browser, try clearing your cookies. I posted a link to the official download link but post is being moderated.


It’s working for me. Try clearing your cookies


I have tried everything… From resetting cookies to clearing all history etc… but all I get is error 403- forbidden. Could you please email me the .dmg setup file please or use wetransfer. For some reason the website downloads don’t work in East Africa


no prob AdjModi: /file /hVkxQtp

remove the spaces from the url. seems to get filtered or so otherwise.


thank you soo much!!! you are a legend :smiley: :smiley:


This does not work?


just to make sure that the original download is the problem indeed try the direct link:


Hopefully this link above works but if any of you have further issues please let us know :slight_smile: