2.0 Public Beta testing


Kradcliffe just repeated the official statement. So your only option is to wait for the release or eventually be added to a next installment of a beta.


Can i participate in beta testing program? domas.zelionis@gmail.com



@Gee_DenonDJ Is it still able to join the beta tester team ? I would be very happy if it does. Greetings From Germany


No, the beta is closed.


@Gee_DenonDJ Please advise when Beta complete. Any expected date roughly? This year?


Gee is no longer with Denon.

Apparently there have been issues with DB optimnization and there will be another beta.

The team are working hard on it but no ETA.


please advise posters on this topic when the new beta becomes available and add user to the testers.


Hi Kboogie ! what is your email address “in M.P”


Hi, it’s very frustrating this silence on the part of Denon on the state of evolution of the new firmware V2 that is a release date or if it is still in test court ??? For my part I use the beta version 2.0.8 which is a very promising and stable version! So we can not be impatient to discover the official mount.

thank you in advance for the news !!!


khyboogie at gmail


feel free to share!


If there will be another beta, could you add me to the testers list ? Thanks


My name at gmail, if you don’t mind sharing. We’d appreciate it